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Type II Non-Community Water Supply

Inspection and permit program for non-municipal water supply systems which provide water to 25 or more people at least 60 days per year (i.e. motels, factories, schools which are not on municipal water systems). Concerns regarding the maintenance of a particular public water system can be reported by calling the following:

  • Branch County: 517-279-9561 ext. 106

  • Hillsdale County: 517-437-7395 ext. 311

  • St. Joseph County: 269-273-2161 ext. 233

There are nearly 9,500 NCWS in Michigan.  A Noncommunity Water Supply is a water system that provides water for drinking or potable purposes to 25 or more persons at least 60 days per year.  NCWS includes schools, restaurants, motels, campgrounds, and churches that are not connected to a community (municipal) water supply.

For more information visit the EGLE non-community water supply site.  visit site

You may also contact your Local Health Department’s Environmental Health Office.

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