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Water Wells and Water Testing

Private Water Supply (Well) Permit

Required permit for installation of on-site water supply (well) systems. Permit fee must be paid at time of application. Application is available below or at each county office.  For more information call the following:

  • Branch County: 517-279-9561 ext. 106

  • Hillsdale County: 517-437-7395 ext. 311

  • St. Joseph County: 269-273-2161 ext. 233

Residential Well/Septic Permit
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Commercial/Multi-Family Well/Septic Permit
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Fee Schedule
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Be Well Informed tool

This tool is a resource for private well owners to help them understand their water well sample results. Well owners input the results from their laboratory report and the concentration is compared to Michigan drinking water criteria. Links to compound specific information about potential risks and typical treatment methods is included if available.
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Well Water Testing

Most wells get checked when they are first built; however, water wells should be checked more frequently as water quality may change over time. This testing can determine if there have been any water quality changes to your well that could be harmful to those who drink and use that well water.

If you have a private well and you want to know if your water is safe to drink, here is what you can do:

  • Call Your Local Health Department office. They can tell you if there is anything special you need to know about the water in your area.
  • Contact a water testing lab for information on type of testing and the cost.
  • Learn more about how to collect a water sample and send to the laboratory.

What can I have my water tested for? How do I collect my sample and fill out the forms?

Well Water Testing and Interpreting Your Results

Don’t worry if you are not sure what the laboratory results mean – Your Local Health Department office will help you understand the results and will guide you on next steps, if necessary.

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