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Swimming Pools

Public Swimming Pool Sanitation

Inspection and licensing program to ensure public swimming pools are maintained in safe and sanitary conditions. Public swimming pools are required by law to be licensed. Concerns regarding the sanitation of a public swimming pool can be reported by calling the following:

  • Branch County: 517-279-9561 ext. 106

  • Hillsdale County: 517-437-7395 ext. 311

  • St. Joseph County: 269-273-2161 ext. 233

The Environmental Health Swimming Pool Program is designed to assure citizens that state licensed swimming pools and spas that are open to the public meet Public Health Code requirements for water treatment, water quality, maintenance, construction, and bather safety. The Michigan building code contains requirements for construction, fencing and safety features. Private pools are exempt from EGLE licensing and inspection.

The Michigan Department of Environment, Great Lakes, and Energy contracts with our department to perform inspections of licensed public pools and spas. Each licensed facility is inspected once annually. During routine inspections, staff looks for compliance with construction, maintenance, safety, water treatment, and water quality regulations and standards. In addition, water quality in each public pool and spa is monitored daily by the operator. Environmental Health reviews the Public Swimming Pool Monthly Operation Report submitted by the operators.  When inspections or water sampling indicates unsafe or unhealthy conditions, bathing facilities are ordered closed until water quality and facility conditions comply with Public Health Code standards.

The Michigan Public Health Code requires that all owners/operators of public swimming pools have a contingency and emergency response plan for the elimination of contamination of water in a public pool or spa.  The following links contain a variety of pool, spa and swimming health and safety issues.

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