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Human Services Network (HSN) of Hillsdale County

The Hillsdale County Human Services Network (commonly referred to as the
HSN) is the state-recognized Community Collaborative for Hillsdale County.  It is a
coalition of many of the public and private non-profit health and human service agencies serving Hillsdale County.  The HSN has been meeting on a monthly basis since 1986 to address issues of common interest.

Every county in Michigan has a Community Collaborative to address issues that impact the lives of children, families and special populations in their area.  Each collaborative provides for sharing of information; community planning and visioning; coordinating collaborative initiatives; and linking with other community collaborative groups.  

One of the projects of the HSN is to collect data about the residents of Hillsdale County, focusing on four different age groups: children 0-5, school-age children, adults, and seniors. This data is presented at the HSN Annual Meeting and is used by the HSN to determine where additional services are needed. This data is also available to member agencies when applying for grants for funding. (To view this data, click on the data button at the top of this page.) Plus, the relationships formed between member agencies of the HSN are invaluable when agencies need community support for grant applications or collaborative projects.

The HSN meets the third Tuesday of each month at the Hillsdale County ISD (310 W. Bacon Street in Hillsdale) at 8:30 a.m. For more information, contact Laurie Brandes at (517) 849-2333 or .


Mission:  Working together to insure optimal quality of life for all Hillsdale County residents.


Vision:  Leading Hillsdale County by enabling people to reach their fullest potential.



  • Respect:  respects and values the diversity of all citizens.

  • Collaboration:  cooperates in a spirit of sharing for the common good.

  • Innovation:  recognizes the necessity for innovative and creative responses to human needs.

  • Integrity:  functions with a higher standard of ethical operation in planning and evaluation.

  • Learning:  respects learning as a cherished value.

  • Trust:  in each other and the process of commitment.


Critical Success Factors

  • A commitment of members to participate, collaborate, and cooperate.

  • A system of accountability to evaluate and measure outcomes.

  • The availability of resources.

  • A county-wide intra-agency communications system.

  • A continuous improvement model focusing on the customer.


Collaborative By-laws

        2008 HSN By-laws


Contact the Coordinator:  Laurie Brandes 517-849-2333 

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